Q1. What services does Tigris+ Reader provide?

Tigris Reader + is a service for reading e-books on Tigris+ both online and from your smartphone or tablet. You can download or read books online after you have purchased them at Tigris Libra.

Q2. What browsers are supported with the Tigris+ Reader?

The browsers supported are as follows.

Browser Requirements
  • Internet Explorer 10 or later, Google Chrome for Windows 7 or later (Below Internet Explorer 9, Firefox and Opera are not supported.)
  • Safari / Google Chrome for Mac OS X 10.7 or later
  • Mobile Safari on iPhone / iPad iOS5.1 or later (iOS6.0 or later recommended)
  • Browsers compatible with Google Chrome and Android 4.0 or later (Android 4.1 or later recommended)
  • Kindle Fire / Kindle Fire HD browsers

Q3. Is it possible to read e-books off-line after downloading?

Yes. You can download books in EPUB format to your personal computer or smartphone from authors or publishers that have specified that it’s okay to do so.

You can download EPUB files (EPUB 3 / fixed layout) for each reading system that authors or publishers have allowed to download.

For iBooks
For Reader™ for Android™
EPUB files for iBooks (iPhone/iPad/OS X Mavericks) and Reader™ for Android™. Videos, audio, and interactive contents are supported (iBooks Version 3.0 or later versions are recommended). This format can be read with Readium.
For Kobo EPUB files for kobo touch, kobo glo, kobo mini. Videos, Audio, and interactive contents are NOT supported.
For SONY Reader EPUB files for SONY Reader. Videos, audio, and interactive contents are NOT supported.

Q4. Are the downloadable EPUB files protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management)?

No, they are not protected by DRM. However, the e-mail address of the user who downloaded the content is embedded in the last page of the e-book as a precaution against illegal shares and uploads.

*Using your downloaded copy of EPUB files from Tigris+ Reader for any purpose other than personal use violates the Terms of Use to which you agreed upon registration.

Q5. There is a site error that prevents me from reading books I purchased on Tigris Libra with Tigris Reader+.

Users must have the same email address registered for both Tigris Reader+ and Tigris Libra.
If the two differ, please add your Tigris Libra address to Tigris Reader+ as follows:

  1. Log in to Tigris Reader+ as usual.
  2. Click “Account Information” from the menu on the left.
  3. Add the email address you used to register on Tigris Libra into the “Add email” field.
  4. You will receive a confirmation email at your newly registered email address. Please complete the email confirmation by following the instructions in the message.

For any other login or reader problems, please send us a detailed inquiry using the Contact feature on our site.